Kids’ Yoga Services

Developing structured, dynamic yoga classes for children and teens that provide a solid physical, mental and emotional foundation.

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Kids' Yoga Classes

We hold each student to their potential by including the following in every class.

  • Personal development and mindset exercises that boost self-esteem
    and encourage a positive self-image.
  • Specific kids’ yoga exercises that increase focus, physical strength and promote increased organ function.
  • Breathing exercises that aid emotional regulation and self-awareness.
  • Relaxation teaching children to turn inwards, find inner strength and
  • Partner or teamwork to encourage connection and compassion.

By setting them challenging, yet achievable goals students are able to see their personal improvement.

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Want calm, focused students in your classroom?

Uniting personal development, movement and breathwork to inspire each child to reach their potential. We work with early learning centres, schools and OOSH centres to provide age-appropriate classes aligned with the PDHPE syllabus.

Our School term, outcome-based learning Mindset and Movement programs are specifically designed to develop each child’s confidence by setting achievable goals and building on the skills that have been learned each week. 

This can directly assist your students and your classrooms by:

  • Teaching children self-discipline and personal responsibility
  • Helping to increase focus, which can lead to better learning
  • Minimising behavioural issues as children learn to regulate their emotions
  • Helping increase self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Promoting creativity
  • Encouraging students to embrace uniqueness and celebrate differences

Ways this can positively impact your educational institute:

  • Increased learning can lead to overall enhanced educational outcomes
  • Calmer classrooms = happier teachers
  • Encourage kindness and compassion within the school and the community
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Kids' Yoga Parties

We are dedicated to creating fun, memorable moments for the children while the adults can relax.

The basic party package includes Yoga teacher 1.5 hours with a themed class for the child, yoga equipment, games, dancing and gift for the birthday child.

The parties are individually tailored to the child’s interests. We will design the class to the theme of your choice.

We have partnered with other local business so that you can do less. Optional party extras include bubble machine, face painting, cake and/or decorations.

Don’t see what you want? Tell us and we will endeavor to get it for you.

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Set free your child’s creativity and imagination while building confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.

We offer a variety of themed workshops all developed to enhance creativity, build self-esteem and promote holistic wellness. We will also happily develop and run workshops to suit your needs.

Dates to be advised for the next in-house workshop.

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We care about the environment

We only use eco-friendly, non-toxic yoga mats.

Our yoga mats are made of 100% natural materials, biodegradable and compostable. Little posers yoga believe in sustainability, that’s why our yoga mats are also recyclable.